Innovation That Works For You

New-Avenue is an Irish Technology company. We specialise in risk and compliance management. We help customers worldwide to manage risk and compliance through technology.

We have implemented Compliance Management Solutions for hundreds of customers in Ireland and around the world, like Dell, SSC and Google.
Our team works in partnership with clients to deliver the benefits of innovative technology to manage risk and compliance across the enterprise.

We have successfully bridged the gap between business and technology since 2004.

  • Results Driven

    At New Avenue, we can help you to improve transparency and reduce the cost of compliance while eliminating the latency of compliance information.

  • Experience

    Companies like Dell, Sony and Safety Solutions trust New-Avenue. We have experience in creating compliance management solutions using the latest technology, from web apps, mobile apps and IoT to artificial intelligence.

  • Go Digital, Go Paperless, Go Mobile

    We help you to turn cumbersome, paper-laden processes into a smooth, hands-off experience.
    We provide custom, AI powered web portals to streamline and centralise your compliance and risk management activities while moving them online.

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  • Cloud Solutions

    We provide cloud solutions for today’s 24/7 demand to access information. We ensure you can access your critical risk management information regardless of your location - at the office, remote site or working from home. 

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  • IoT and NFC Solutions

    We provide IoT and NFC based compliance solutions, allowing you to track in real time all activities critical to managing risk. From smart asset management to tracking vehicle compliance and digital checkpoint checklists, we deliver transparency using NFC.

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  • Risk & Compliance Management Solutions

    We have a comprehensive set of tools to create a culture of compliance while reducing risk for your organisation. We have the tools you need to manage risks, report incidents, educate staff on compliance, conduct audits, manage documents and perform control inspections.

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  • Incident Reporting and Management System

    Our risk and compliance solutions offer you a fully configurable incident management system with a comprehensive incident register. It allows you to track incidents and outcomes for any type of incident. You can also use our smart tag technology to create a culture of incident reporting. 

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  • Online Compliance Training

    Our solution provides organisations and health and safety consultants the tools to move compliance training online. It makes it easy to invite staff to attend policy or procedure training online, complete tests and generate and distribute certificates. We provide the tools and reports to keep track of who has been trained and which certificate is going out of date. Moving compliance training online reduces cost while creating a culture of compliance.

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  • Self-Service Kiosks

    We build self-service kiosks, so you can audit digitally rather than using paper based systems.

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  • If you want to create a culture of compliance through technology, talk to New-Avenue.