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We successfully deliver Risk and Compliance solutions worldwide to customers of all sizes.

Incident Reporting and Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Our Enterprise risk management (ERM) software is an action-based enterprise solution that aims to identify, assess and prepare for any dangers, hazards and other potentials risks.more...

Compliance Management Software

Compliance Management

Our solution helps you build an effective compliance program focusing on your company’s unique risks. more...

Incident Reporting and Management

Audit, Inspection and Corrective Action Plans

Our solution helps organisations to plan, manage and performs audits using mobile technology and smart tags. more...

Incident Reporting and Management

Incident Reporting & Management

Our solution gives you a fully configurable incident management system with a comprehensive set of incident forms. more...

Online Compliance Training Software

Online Compliance Training

Our solution provides organisations and health and safety consultants the tools to move compliance training online. more...

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Go Digital, Go Paperless, Go Mobile

New Avenue are the experts in moving your back-end administration into the cloud. Turning paper-based processes into easy to use web portals. more...

Cloud Solutiontions

Cloud Solutions

We build custom cloud solutions for today’s 24/7 demand to access information. We ensure you can access your critical business information regardless of your location - at the office, remote site or working from home. more...

Internet Of Things Solutions with NFC

IoT and NFC Solutions

We build IoT solutions, allowing you to track every element of your business, from smart asset management to tracking vehicles using NFC. more...

Self Service Kiosks

Self Service Kiosks

We build self service kiosks so your customers, suppliers or staff can report digitally rather than using paper based systems. more...

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