Innovation That Works For You

New-Avenue is an Irish software development company, helping customers worldwide to innovate through technology.

We have built custom IT solutions for hundreds of customers in Ireland and around the world, enabling companies to benefit from innovative information technology to manage compliance.

At New-Avenue, we are bridging the gap Between Business and Technology through Custom software development since 2004.

Results Driven

From reducing your overhead costs to automating repetitive administrative tasks, New-Avenue develops business solutions for you.


Companies like Dell, Sony and GE trust New-Avenue. We have experience in creating custom software solutions like web apps, mobile apps, IoT and artificial intelligence.

  • Go Digital, Go Paperless, Go Mobile

    We build custom AI powered web portals for your company by moving your compliance activities online.

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  • Cloud Solutions

    We build custom cloud solutions for today’s 24/7 demand to access information. We ensure you can access your critical risk information regardless of your location - at the office, remote site or working from home.

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  • IoT and NFC Solutions

    We build IoT solutions, allowing you to track every element of your business, from smart asset management to tracking vehicle compliance using NFC.

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  • Self Service Kiosks

    We build self service kiosks so you can audit digitally rather than using paper based systems.

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  • Compliance Management

    We build custom compliance and risk management tools that will keep your business compliant with regulatory, employee, safety and environmental legislation.

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  • If you want to create a culture of compliance through technology, talk to New-Avenue.